So, this is my last semester of college (YAY!). In order to graduate in December I needed to find an internship to give me some experience (and credit, of course). Most students in my department intern with a local radio station, but that didn’t interest me one bit. So, long story short, Amanda Bellucco took me under her wing. She has been so supportive of my work and open to helping me in any way she can. Her encouragement has really spurred me on.

A lot of our internship is virtual for the moment, so she sent some photo assignments my way. Today I set out to capture the essence of decay. At first I thought I’d trek down to the cemetery, but I never quite made it there. I saw glimpses of decay, things that were still partially alive though parts of them had already dried up with summer. And these were the snippets that captured my attention most.





In the below photo, I was struck by how each bud was in its own stage of life. The one in the center looked completely dried up, while just below it was a bloom just beginning to fade from its prime.



This last image doesn’t show much decay, but I liked it.


Like what you see? Prints of these photos are available on my Society6 page. 


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