Robert Treman State Park

JD and I had labor day off so we decided to take a hike. Robert Treman State Park is a lovely place to hike. The are many waterfalls (none of which I photographed, a few of which I swam in) that were wonderful to cool off in along the way. I was about 21 weeks when we took this hike and was definitely feeling slower. It was a hot day and the water felt fantastic. So refreshing. Here are my favorite images captured that day.


Last time we were here there was a large cairn that people had been adding to. This time, the stack was no where to be found. So, while I ventured around the area with my camera JD put together a new one.



IMG_1728-1 IMG_1735-1-2






Images from September 7, 2015


Salt Springs State Park

I’m getting back into the swing of things. It takes practice, relearning how to process photos and how I want the images to appear. I feel the tension of seeing an image and perceiving that it doesn’t convey the emotion I first felt/imagined when capturing it. But I’m seeking progress, not perfection.

So, here. Enjoy these little moments that caught my eye at Salt Springs State Park. Salt Springs State Park is near Montrose, PA. My oh my, it was a lovely place for a Saturday morning hike!












A Day in The City

Saturday, my husband, Robert (his long time friend and best man), and I made a day trip to The City. When you live in New York state, there is only one “City.” It was a cool, overcast day and a plain ole good time.

Below are a couple of my favorites from each stop we made!

It’s been a while since I’ve played in Photoshop. I’ve been doing all of my post-processing in Lightroom. I kept that same pattern while processing my photos from our day in NYC. But for one photo, I used Photoshop to merge a darker version (for the background) and a lighter version (for the foreground). I’m still not quite happy with it. I feel that it’s missing something, some umph. If you have any suggestions, please do let me know!

Grand Central Terminal



 Walking Down 5th Ave




St. Patrick’s Cathedral

St’ Patrick’s Cathedral was under a lot of restoration work and had a lot of visitors. I felt it best to minimize my shutter sound, so I didn’t capture much. But man, was it gorgeous!


Central Park








This is the photo that is two photos merged – I’m not sure if it’s just the grayness of the sky or what – but something doesn’t feel quite right. Anyone?


All in all, it was a pretty chill day. We walked around with a list of possible locations we’d like to see. And whenever we were satisfied with what we’d seen, we picked the next location. We briefly saw the Empire State Building. We considered climbing to the top of it, but we were exhausted and chose to put our feet up and get some grub instead. Not a bad way to explore a city!


‘Til next time, friends. Stay well.

First Autumn’s Walk

A few weeks back I decided I wanted to walk in a place I had never been before. I wanted something new, fresh, and not my normal everyday routine.

I pulled up my Google Maps and looked at my starred locations. I found a star I was curious about and clicked ‘Navigate.’ I ventured off to Jones Park, not far from the NY/PA border.





There were many trails, however, I ended up taking a short stroll. I made my way to the creek, waded and enjoyed the peaceful stillness. I felt content with my short trip, and returned home. That’s something I’ve been working on lately – self awareness over listening to the “should’s”. Years ago my counselor taught me that anytime I hear myself think or say the word “should” red flags are popping up. Sometimes I let myself be run by “should’s” and it never goes well. It ends up in me freezing after going thru the motions and not really living or experiencing my day.

So this, this itty bitty decision to go out of the ordinary and then follow my instincts was big for me. Especially ’cause it was a long enough drive that I was so hungry by the time I got home, I almost didn’t feel well! Adventure is good.

Sunday Paddling

We went paddling with some new friends. I met the lovely lady at aerial yoga, and turns out she and her boyfriend love the great outdoors. Her family has a gorgeous set up out in the boonies that includes a wonderful, 10 acre pond for fishing. They’re a real sweet couple. We had a good time chatting, getting to know each other, and JD enjoyed (finally) fishing. Had some good laughs too, fish breaking the line, seeing a big snapping turtle, nothing going according to plan, rain, fish tangling themselves in trees underwater, the curious puppy running away numerous times. Ya know, nothing too crazy.



IMG_9213print      IMG_9215print